Friday, 7 September 2012

How to delete Synced Picasa Photos from Gallery in Android

Google Sync in Android works great. As soon as you enter your Google login credentials, you will have everything on Google services on your mobile. Almost everything including G mail, Contacts, Picasa photo albums, Bookmarks, Settings and Starred locations on map. Sometimes its really good to have all this but not always. Specially in the case of Picasa web albums. You don`t want to keep everything on Picasa to show up in your phone gallery. Well removing those photos is not a big deal and requires just two simple steps. Read on for details.

STEP 1 : Goto Settings >> Accounts and Sync and click on the Google account >> Then uncheck Picasa web albums

STEP 2 : Goto Settings >> Application manager >> All >> click on Gallery and then clear data

Thats it... You are done.

Watch the Video for steps


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    1. please share it on G+ if you like the article

  2. I have no accounts and sync on my Galaxy S III

  3. KNJantz...did u get reply to yr ?...I am having the same problem. Can't get past settings! Please let me know if/how it is resolved.

  4. Issue resolved! Thanks. But just one more thing, does the syncing of picasa ablums occupy memory on the phone?

  5. if i click clear data does it delete all the photos in the Picasa album? i only want to select certain ones, when i highlight the photos to the blue box is around the photo it will not allow me to delete the photos. HELP

  6. Is it possible to select the photos to delete or must I delete all synced photos when following this procedure?